FindMyTap App Looks Kinda Refreshing

louisville beer - find my tapThirsty? Feeling the need for some hoppiness, or perhaps a nice, summertime wheat-based concoction?

With this app, called FindMyTap, you can find tasty Louisville beer wherever you happen to be.

Now, for most of us here in Louisville (I refuse to type “The ‘Ville,” sorry), we already know where to go for our favorite beer, local or otherwise. But I’m going to Detroit later this summer, and I’ll need some help finding a tasty beverage or two. And folks landing in town for Forecastle next month might need directions as well.

FindMyTap might be able to help; let’s just hope the breweries and bars keep their tap lists up to date.

Regardless, you gotta love the FindMyTap disclaimer on the website’s About page: “Warning: Findmytap is not responsible for drunk dials, way-too-late booty calls, incriminating sexts, 4 a.m. binge-eating marathons, or return bus fare because you thought it would be hilarious to call your Mom from Cleveland. Seriously. You’re on your own, man.”

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