Against the Grain’s ‘Brown Note’ Hits the Right Spot

louisville beer against the grain brown note

Against the Grain’s ‘Brown Note’ may look like root beer, but it’s the real thing.

I stopped in at Against the Grain last night after the weather got too chilly to continue watching the Louisville Bats play the Pawtucket Red Sox. To warm my bones, I decided to have a pint of ATG’s “Brown Note,” a brown malty ale, and bang out a few words for Louisville Beer Blog.

I am pleased to announce that Brown Note did not, unlike its theoretical namesake is thought to do, make me involuntarily soil myself. (You may recall that “South Park” addressed what Cartman called the “Brown Noise” during a Season 3 episode. It did not end well for the world’s underpants.)

Brown Note falls under ATG’s “Malt” category on its big board; I’m always intrigued by the clever names and the fact there seems to be a set lineup of styles as opposed to a regular batch of staple beers, like at many microbreweries.

Brown Note is served in a wide-mouth mug, and it is reminiscent of how we used to drink A&W root beer back in the 1970s. And the bold flavor carries a mild nuttiness and bitterness that, to me, seems akin to the taste of drinking roasted cocoa beans. Since I love bitter dark chocolate, this flavor was right up my alley.

The beer also has a malty mouth feel that hangs on in a unique way. It’s difficult to describe really, but if you like a combination of malt and bitterness, you’re gonna like this one. Note: If you are a drinker of Newcastle Brown Ale, you may also enjoy this brown ale – but be prepared for a major step up in intensity, flavor wise.

In other words, bring a fresh pair of boxers. Just in case.

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 20

Read the ATG Description

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