Miller 64 Jingle is Just the Popeye Theme

popeye - louisville beer blogIf you watch ESPN as much as I do, you’ve no doubt been haunted by the new Miller 64 commercial, which features curiously good-looking yet happy-go-lucky frat brats frolicking together. With cheap beer and badly-mimicked recreation as the impetus.

They grill steaks, one of them gets his ass kicked by a girl (a girl!), they carry logs, they play overhead-slam table tennis, they cavort with really cute girls and they finally inform us that Miller 64 was “Brewed for the Better You.” The only thing missing is, well, more really cute girls.

The accompanying jingle was meant to sound like a traditional Irish drinking song (although it’s hard to imagine an Irishman drinking Miller 64, but whatever). Thing is, it only took me a listen or two before realizing all the MillerCoors marketing geniuses had done was rewrite the “Popeye the Sailor Man” theme.

It’s a really simple ditty, just three chords of whimsical goodness (most likely C, F and G, if you were wondering), but really MillerCoors?This is the best you can do? Ripping off a beloved cartoon character’s theme song and turning it into a thinly-veiled cash grab?

I can hardly wait for the next Coors Light campaign: Perhaps instead of a frozen CGI train, it will feature a sorority girl flash mob singing and dancing to a revamped version of “Hong Kong Phooey”?

2 thoughts on “Miller 64 Jingle is Just the Popeye Theme

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