West Sixth IPA: More Than Just a Cool Logo

louisville beer - west sixth ipaFinally wrapped my taste buds around a West Sixth Brewing Company IPA this week. As you probably guessed, I’m now a fan.

It’s truly a well-crafted India pale ale, with all the hoppy goodness you’d expect and just enough malt characteristic for balance. I sensed a hint of citrus, with a minimum of sweetness (not a fan of the assertive sweetness found in some pale ales), and the beer’s mouth-feel was perfect, from my perspective. The creaminess of the body makes it drink lighter than the hoppiness would suggest, giving it a great combination of drinkability and flavor.

Normally, I kind of worry that craft beer in a can is going to be compromised from a flavor standpoint, but that sure isn’t true in this case. In fact, I’d drink this from a can any day over the highly lauded Bell’s Two Hearted Ale from a bottle. But that’s just me.

If you’re interested, West Sixth IPA got some pretty good marks over at BeerAdvocate.com. Oh, and I really like that cool West Sixth logo … ahem.

ABV: 7 percent

2 thoughts on “West Sixth IPA: More Than Just a Cool Logo

  1. Man, I’m shocked you hadn’t had this before. I’m a big fan as well.

    I’m about to do a post about craft cans, stay tuned.

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