Memories of Hudy

louisville beer - hudepohl amber lagerA million years ago when I was 19 or 20, I would occasionally go to Cincinnati Reds games and drink Hudepohl beer. I could do this, you see, because at that point in Ohio the minimum drinking age had not yet been increased to 21. True story. That’s how friggin’ old I am.

Anyway, the “light” version of Hudepohl was referred to as Hudy Delight, and that’s typically what I would get. It was cheap, you know? And either way, I wouldn’t have known a good beer then if it was poured over my head. (I also later read that the Bengals’ “who-dey?” chant is related to Hudy beer, which is kind of cool. But I digress.)

Well, the other day I was at Silver Dollar and noticed they offer a 24-ounce can of Hudepohl Amber Lager. Against my better judgment, I became intrigued, and I ordered one.

I will say that I doubt I will be ordering another one anytime soon. It’s cheap beer, and it certainly tastes like it.

But the more I drank it, the more I had to admit that it actually had a fair amount of flavor. Very malty, and more dense than I had anticipated, even if it did seem a bit over-carbonated. And at five bucks for a beer that size (especially at a pricey joint like Silver Dollar)? You could do a lot worse.

Wonder what Hudy Delight tastes like these days? Hmm. Might be best served to just let that one alone.

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