Another Fun Fest of Ale

louisville beer - fest of ale 2013The Keg Liquors‘ 2013 Fest of Ale sure seemed to be a success — much delicious beer (and wine) was enjoyed, and Louisville area beer nerds came out in big numbers to dodge a few raindrops and support the cause. Todd Antz, the festival’s founder and promoter, said the event raised more than $10,000 this year for the WHAS Crusade for Children. Score.

Of course, the trap of any beer festival (for me, at least) is that after a while, all the hoppy goodness tends to blend together in one’s memory. The taste buds slowly but surely get more and more numb as well, especially if you’re hitting the hops.

Nevertheless, from my hastily scribbled notes, I can see that there were plenty of highlights. For one, I got my first taste of Falls City‘s new APA. All I wrote down was “hell yes,” but I’ll take that as a good sign. Anyway, I’m planning to go to Falls City’s new tap room soon for a look around and some more tasting. I’ll write more when that happens.

I also had a Schlafly beer I’d never tasted before: Export IPA, from the St. Louis brewery’s Special Release series. Talk about some bold hoppiness (65 IBU). According to the Schlafly website, this beer will be available June-September. Get on it.

I also made contact with several Hoosier breweries, which was a lot of fun. It’s pretty amazing how much good beer is being brewed not just here in Louisville, but nearby. I see some brewery-centered day trips in my future.

Anyway, here are a few pics from the 2013 Fest of Ale. If you didn’t make it out this year, hopefully these will inspire you to attend in 2014. Thanks again to the Keg and Todd Antz for holding this event.

2 thoughts on “Another Fun Fest of Ale

  1. It was good to see you and the Bar Belle out cruising the Fest. One of the highlights for me is how many actual Brewers show up to represent their beers. If not Brewers then at least high level sales people (looking at you Bell’s Veronica). We can’t wait until next year. Cheers, D. Pierce, NABC BrewOps

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