NABC and Derby City Roller Girls???

louisville beer - derby city roller girlsWhen I first started dating my girlfriend Cynthia a couple years ago, she was frequently attending Derby City Roller Girls events. I seem to remember that one of our early dates involved us getting together after a Roller Derby event here in town.

I figured, hey, the next best thing to dating an actual roller derby chick is dating a fan, right?

Anyway, just saw that New Albanian Brewing Company is an official beer sponsor of the team this year. I just can’t get over how freaking cool and kinda ’70s kitschy that is. I remember watching Roller Derby as a kid, with my dad. I loved it when they would knock each other over the railing.

According to NABC’s website, you can get Community Dark and Tafel at most events. Hopefully, that holds true for this Saturday, June 8, when the Roller Girls will be at it again. Because nothing waters down Roller Derby like Bud Light, you know?

But I do have to say that reading this got me to thinking … I wonder if I could get a local brewer to sponsor my band? Any takers out there?

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