Cucumber Beer?

louisville beer - cucumber kolschI was fortunate to meet the friendly folks from Flat 12 Bierwerks when I was at this year’s Fest of Ale, and I noticed that they have a new one on the way: Cucumber Kolsch.

OK, full disclosure: I freaking hate cucumbers. Like, really hate. I hate them so much, in fact, that when I order a dynamite roll at a sushi restaurant, I ask the chef to replace the cucumbers with avocado. If there’s cucumber in my sushi, the cucumber is all I can taste. Blech.

Nevertheless, I’m intrigued by the notion of a cucumber beer simply because the flavor of cucumber is at least a crisp one. Check out the brewer’s description of Cucumber Kolsch: “A Kolsch style German ale with lager qualities owed to pilsener malt and cold fermentation. Pours a deep gold color. Smooth drinkability and super-refreshing finish from an infusion of cucumber.”

Sounds like an interesting summer beer to me (I just won’t want it in my sushi). Very soon you’ll be able to get it around town, or at the very least over in southern Indiana. Here are some locations listed on the Flat 12 website:

Rich O’s Public House

Feast BBQ

Dragon King’s Daughter (New Albany)

Buckhead Mountain Grill (Jeffersonville)

If you try one of these before I do, shoot me a message and let me know what you think …

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