Poorcastle, New Apocalypse Brews & Houndmouth

poorcastle - louisville beerIf you’re a music fan, you like to support local music and you love local craft beer, you should probably check out the Poorcastle festival on Saturday, July 6.

Poorcastle?  Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is – a one-day music festival for those who either can’t (or won’t) pony up the crazy amount of money it costs to go to any of those other music festivals. Better yet, it’s a fundraiser for Crescent Hill Radio, whose mission is to support local and regional music. So, it’s 12 local/regional bands donating their time and talent to help support the community radio station that helps support their time and talent.

I feel dizzy.

Anyway, Poorcastle will be held at Apocalypse Brew Works, and head brewer Leah Dienes promises at least one new beer will be on tap for Poorcastle.

“There’s a Coco Stout in the fermentor right now,” she said. “Hopefully we’ll have Hefeweizen too.”

She describes the former as “an Oatmeal stout with cocoa nibs.” The Hefe, she added, would be a classic German Hefeweizen.

It’s only $5 to get in, you can bring your own chairs, blankets, water and soda, and it’s family friendly (kids 12 and under get in free all day, and all adults get in free before 4 p.m.). Also, there will be food available for purchase from local food trucks Booty’s Diner and Traveling Kitchen. Of course, there will be a ton of local and regional bands, from Kathleen Hoye to New Albany’s the Hart Strings, plus Nick Peay, Phourist, the Uncommon Houseflies, Tall Squares, Huh Robots, Nashville’s Kristen Cothron and more.

Speaking of local bands, New Albanian Brewing Company announced that another batch of Houndmouth, the delicious hoppy wheat ale that shares a name with a rising musical group from across the river in Indiana, will be brought out for a couple of events in New Albany this weekend and next. I tried Houndmouth only recently, and it’s currently one of my favorite local beers, a true summer classic.

Oh, and based on the couple of songs I’ve heard, the band isn’t bad either.

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