Random Beer Names Nearly as Fun as Random Band Names

louisville beer blog - pintI’ve spent most of my adult life making up random band names and/or assigning phrases I hear in everyday life to fictional bands.

Random person: “I’ve got a midday migraine that I just can’t get rid of.”

Me: “The Relentless Midday Migraines would make an awesome band name.”

Random person: “Asshole.”

Today I stumbled across a random beer name generator that’s nearly as fun. It truly is absolutely random, so you can just hit the button marked “Generate!” over and over to see what comes up. It’s almost like beer-name roulette or something. Here are a few that came up for me:

  • Sheep-Moron Tripel
  • Amber Flacid Tornado Rauchbier
  • Flaming Chicken Pale Ale
  • Yellow Hairy Pinto Extra Special Bitter
  • The Ardvaark Formerly Known As Napolean’s Smutty American Light Lager

I could do this all day. I probably would if I didn’t have a job. Anyway, have fun, and you’re welcome.

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