Name This Blog and Win Free Beer!

name the blog - louisville beerThat’s right, Louisville Beer Blog is going to change its name to … what? Well, I’ve got some ideas, and so do a few of my friends, but I’ve decided to have some fun with this. If you think you have a good blog name possibility related to the Louisville beer scene, I want to hear it. And if I choose your name, I’m going to buy you $25 worth of your favorite local beer as a thank-you.

So, get creative, be funny if you want, but let me have your suggestions ASAP. I plan to make the change by July 22.

Why am I changing the name? Well, it’s complicated, but another website took exception to my using the words “Louisville” and “beer” in my blog name and repeatedly demanded that I change it. There was even legal action threatened, followed by a snotty letter from some lawyers, even though I had my own lawyer do some research to assure me that, indeed, there was no legal leg on which to stand in those threats. (Now I know how West Sixth Brewing must have felt.)

But hey, this blog is supposed to be fun, so I’m just going to do my best to take the high road and ignore all the petty drama. Why let someone else’s negativity spoil the party?

To that end, however, please do not use the words “Louisville” and “beer” back to back in your entries! Yet, I want it to have a local/regional feel, so think Kentucky, Kentuckiana, Bluegrass, River City, etc. Similarly, if your name entry contains the word “Louisville”, look for an alternative word to “beer,” such as “brews” or “ale” or … well, is there another one?

Yeah, you see the task I have in front of me here, which is why I am asking for  your help, and offering beer (Louisville beer, in fact — wait, am I allowed to type that?) in return. To enter, simply type your suggestion into the form below or send me a private e-mail at kgramone(at)

And always remember: Drink happy.

3 thoughts on “Name This Blog and Win Free Beer!

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