Kentucky Ale Co-Sponsors Salsarita’s ‘Stampede Sunday’

Stampede2013-logoSalsarita’s in Middletown will play host to Stampede Sunday and Happy Hour this Sunday, Aug. 4, from 2-5 p.m.; basically, it’s a pre-event signup party for the Urban Stampede on Aug. 24.

Why is this being posted on a beer blog? Because Kentucky Ale is one of the sponsors, which makes it a good excuse to drink some local beer. You can getcha some if you show up to sign up. You can also get happy hour prices, enter to win random prizes and also get $60 of the $140 entry fee. The whole deal benefits Dare to Care Food Bank.

About the race: “The Urban Stampede is the next race taking place Saturday, August 24 with a Belvedere Start & Finish Line featuring MANY Reality Stars! Come enjoy and explore Downtown Louisville while enduring strength and mind challenges! The Urban Stampede requires a bit of a different mentality. Runners do well but this is a 2 person team sport. Working well together with your partner is a must. The Urban Stampede brings communication to the forefront. Physical challenges and mental challenges will both test Urban Stampede racers abilities.”

Get more info here.

Yours truly has been invited to enter. We’ll see how that goes …

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