More Fun (and Beer) at Fireside Bar & Grill

fireside bar - louisville beerMy pal Rob and I like to hang out every so often at Fireside Bar & Grill in Sellersburg, Ind. It’s family owned and operated, with a cozy atmosphere and good comfort food.

And even though there are a limited number of taps, there is always an interesting selection that rotates often. In addition, general manager Lauren Smith likes to bust out fun themes and specials.

Well, last night Rob and I showed up at the bar only to find that three of the taps had kegged out. Luckily, there was plenty of Upland Wheat for Rob, and I became acquainted with Green Flash West Coast IPA, an ale with a big nose but a smoother finish than I expected upon first taste. It’s hoppy, yet not terribly bitter, despite its 95 IBU rating (really??).

Anyway, Lauren chatted with us a bit and told us about Half Price Craft Night every Tuesday. She promised that by tonight the taps would be full again, as she was expecting kegs of Cutters Empire Imperial Stout, Sun King Wee Mac Scottish Ale and Goose Island Matilda, a Belgian strong ale.

And if you go, try the chicken livers.

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