New Sitcom Based on Dogfish Head Brewery?

dogfish head brewing logoMore proof that craft brewing is becoming more and more mainstream every second that we live: There is a sitcom pilot in the works based on Dogfish Head Brewery.

No joke. A couple of years ago, I knew fantasy football had gone absolutely mainstream when “The League” debuted. And  now? Looks like the same thing might be happening with craft beer.

Dogfish Head is one of America’s most popular craft breweries already, and co-founder Sam Calgione was college roommates with comedian Ken Marino, who pitched the show to various networks. Fox liked it enough to purchase exclusive rights and order a pilot.

Some of the plotlines would be adapted from Calgione’s book, “Brewing Up a Business.” It documents the struggles he and his wife Mariah had getting Dogfish Head off the ground and making it successful.

All of which just begs the question: Who would play Roger Baylor in a sitcom about New Albanian Brewing Company? Ron White perhaps?

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