Scientists Invent Hangover-Free Beer

beer - no hangover

Has anyone seen my car? Because I’m afraid I drank it.

I love scientists. Especially scientists who invent cool stuff like hangover-free beer.

Apparently in Australia, that’s exactly what has happened; scientists at Griffith University’s Health Institute infused beer with electrolytes, thereby creating a beer that hydrates even as it inebriates.

The New York Daily News article says drinking beer after exercising can actually increase hydration due to carbonation and carbohydrate content that helps replenish lost calories. But this experiment involves creating a sort of beer/Gatorade hybrid that theoretically will help make your Sunday morning a bit easier to deal with.

The catch? Apparently it only works with light beer. So, your favorite high gravity ale is still going to kick your ass if you drink eight pints of it. But it’s a start.

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