Re-Booted Wiedemann Brand Continues to Quietly Grow

louisville beer - weidemannI remember hearing in passing sometime ago that the Wiedemann brand had been bought and that a new version of Wiedemann Special Lager was being brewed and distributed, but that information fell out of my mind. Until recently.

Geo. Wiedemann Brewing Co. now has placed its lager in more than 300 locations around Kentucky (though none in Louisville, if the company’s locator is accurate), and three additional beer styles are in the hopper: a bock, an amber lager and a Bavarian-style marzen.

This recent story even reports that owners Betsy and Jon Newberry plan to open a brewery and taproom in Newport, the city where the original Wiedemann originated, sometime in 2014.

The Newberrys have been in business for over a year now, and they say there is even plans for a bottling plant. I have to admit that since Falls City started cranking out beers again, I’m intrigued by the new old brands that have been popping up, such as Sterling and Hudepohl. I like the nostalgia, obviously, but I also have mostly liked the products.

I haven’t tried the new Wiedemann yet, but it looks like as good a reason as any to take a drive northeast soon. Anyone else out there tried it?

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