Louisville Brewfest is Again a Hit

The Louisville Brewfest was again a hit, and the Louisville Independent Business Alliance is to be applauded for utilizing the entire ballpark. Previously, beer vendors had typically been crammed into the west pavilion of Slugger Field – this year, attendees got to enjoy the sunshine and walk all around the ballpark.

I only wish I could have stayed longer. Regardless, I got to talk to some really cool people, including Paul Young of My Old Kentucky Homebrew, who was managing MOKW’s “Brewseum,” which was chock full of some stuff from his collection and on loan from others. Suffice to say, I had not seen any Silo Brewery memorabilia in quite a long time.

And of course, everyone involved (except the designated drivers, of course) got to enjoy some fine local and regional brews, which is never a bad thing. I had a couple of nice ones from Lore Brewing, who came up from Danville, Ky. The Double Black was light on the nose, but had a deep, dark chocolaty flavor. Very nice. And the Lorelei Lager was unexpectedly complex as well, with a nice amber color, a hint of sweetness, and hints of toastiness. (Wait, is that a word? I wrote it in my notes. How many samples did I have, anyway?)

Anyway, below are some photos my girlfriend Cynthia and I took at the event.

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