Dual Beer Glass Lets You Drink Two Beers at Once

louisville beer - dual beer glassYour black and tan will never be the same with this crazy glass.

The Pretentious Beer Glass Company (apparently spearheaded by a Centre College grad) has released this dual-chambered beer vessel that not only allows you to drink two different beers at the same time, but enjoy the noses in double time as well. You can’t really do that in a traditional pint glass.

Many beer nerds like to experiment with mixing beers, and it can indeed be a lot of fun, especially when you happen upon a good combo that you just pull out of your … well, fridge. But this? I’m just not sure about this. Thought I should share it, though.

What do you think? What combo would you pour into one of these $35 monstrosities?

2 thoughts on “Dual Beer Glass Lets You Drink Two Beers at Once

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