The Rise of Cider (via The Alcohol Professor)

louisville beer - apple cider alcohol professor

Imagine this if it was wetter and could get you drunk.

Via, check out my latest post there on the rise of hard cider. Here are a few paragraphs to get you started:

I had my first taste of hard cider about 15 years ago when my friend Greg introduced me to it. We were at an Irish pub, and when Greg ordered two pints, the bartender – in his thick Irish accent – exclaimed, “This is like rocket fuel, mate. It’ll blow your [freaking] head off!”

I had three of them that night, and I’ll say this much: Never mix hard cider with tequila.

That aside, along with the craft beer movement that is sweeping the U.S., cider is also enjoying an uprising; cideries and meaderies are popping up alongside microbreweries, creating new versions of an old favorite. And now autumn is here, a time when cider is on the minds (and in the mouths) of many. …

Read the Whole Freaking Post!

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