‘Tis the Season for Pumpkin Beer

pumpkin beer - buffalo bill'sAnother beer story by way of The Alcohol Professor. In this one, I taste-tested quite a few pumpkin beers. Found some good stuff. Enjoy.

References to pumpkin beer date back to the 1600s, but as it grew more popular – particularly in the new world – heading into the 1800s, it wasn’t thought of as the seasonal treat beer drinkers know today. Instead, pumpkin beer came about for two key reasons: A shortage of malts, and because pumpkin beer was believed to be a healthful beverage.

While European malts weren’t always easy to obtain in the Americas, pumpkins were native and plentiful. And brewers found the meat of a pumpkin would ferment and take the place of malts. Voila! Beer.

Meantime, since the pumpkin is a healthy fruit to begin with, physicians considered pumpkin beer to be a health tonic of sorts. And let’s face it, if someone says, “Drink this beer, it’s good for you,” well, who’s going to refuse? It’s beer. …

Read the Full Story Over at The Alcohol Professor …

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