Kegs ‘n’ Eggs : A Great Excuse to Drink Beer for Breakfast

louisville beer - boombozz taphouseAs you probably already know, Michael Beckmann over at BoomBozz Taphouse in the Highlands is a guy who likes to  have a good time. Not long after I started this blog, I was chatting with him and he told me about Kegs & Eggs, an annual event that basically gives everyone a good excuse to drink beer for breakfast.

But he intrigued me with stories of blending beers, and the new and wonderful creations they’d made at 8 in the morning. I asked him about that recently, and whether blending would be on tap this coming Saturday when Kegs & Eggs returns, and he said, “We’ll blend whatever you want!”

After two or three pints of high gravity craft beer, that could turn ugly. Or possibly even beautiful.

For this installment of Kegs & Eggs (which is actually a halfway point celebration, since the main event is an Oaks Day affair), Beckmann will tap Bluegrass Brewing Co.’s Bourbon Stout (8.5 percent ABV), Lexington’s Kentucky Bourbon Ale (8.2 percent), Schlafly’s Imperial Bourbon Stout (10.5 percent), and Founder’s Backwoods Bastard (10.2 percent). Beckmann pledges “relief” with Upland Brewing Company‘s Teddy Bear Kisses (10.2%) and Bell’s Brewery Expedition Stout (10.5%), among others. No bourbon barrel aging with those last two, sure, but they’ll still kick your ass. Eat as many eggs as you can to buffer, or you’ll end up blending Hopslam with prune juice and motor oil.

Speaking of which, Beckmann posted that omelet ingredients include fresh veggies like Portobello mushrooms and peppadew peppers, meats such as sausage, prosciutto ham and Carnitas, and specialty cheeses, all there to complement your tasty breakfast beverage.

Yep, that’s Nov. 23rd, Saturday at 8 a.m. Here’s the Facebook event, if you want more info.

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