Great Flood Brewing on Track for Late February Launch

louisville beer - great flood brewing

Just wait ’til it’s full.

Checked in with Vince, Matt and  Zach at Great Flood Brewing, and they are hard at work building out their Highlands space in anticipation of opening sometime in mid- to late February.

While the place looks like it has a long, long way to go (see pics below), the guys say the build-out is actually going more quickly than expected. They said in an interview a couple months back that the target was late March, but apparently they’ve sped things up. In fact, they say due to some mixups with ABC licenses they’ll actually be ready and functional weeks before they are able to open to the public.

The capacity will be about 120, with 15 or so bar seats, standing tables in the bar area and plenty of open space in the front of the room — facing Bardstown Road — for couches and the like. They want to present an inviting atmosphere to the folks passing by, which makes a ton of sense.

Anyway, I am proud to say I helped them hoist the top of the walk-in cooler into place during my visit. They even gave me a very cool Great Flood pint glass for my efforts. It may not be enough to make me an honorary partner, but hey, I’ll take it.

Looking forward to tasting some Great Flood brews in the coming weeks.

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