Update from Great Flood Brewing

Things are still on track over at Great Flood Brewing, although a specific opening date is still not set in stone. I stopped by there today while out and about and talked to Matt Fuller, one of the three owners of Great Flood. He looked a bit tired, which most start-up owners do, but he is also champing at the bit to start pouring beers.

The bar was in the middle of being stained when I was there, but tables are up, the kegs are in, and the taps appear ready to go. Behind the bar is a huge chalkboard which no doubt will feature the beers on tap any given day. Right now, the board has a hand-drawn Great Flood logo and some graffiti, including someone’s profession of love for beer. On the wall next to the taps someone wrote in chalk, “Keep on keeping on.”

Seems like a fitting slogan for the up-and-coming brewery these days. Check back for more updates soon, but in the meantime, check out the photos below.

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