Alltech to hold beer festival in Lexington May 17

alltech festivalIt isn’t often a beer story pops up on Insider Louisville and I didn’t write the damn thing. But today, one did.

Lexington-based Alltech is gonna have itself a beer festival May 17, and if you hurry up you can get tickets for $25. They’ll be $30 starting tomorrow.

The announcement promises more than 120 beers brewed by 40 breweries from across the U.S., alongside artisan food samples from local and international vendors. It will also include what Alltech says is the first professional beer competition in the state of Kentucky.

“With 40 breweries each serving three different beers – including ever-popular rare special tappings – Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest organizers expect 5,000 people from Kentucky, surrounding states, and abroad,” Alltech’s press release says. “It’s anticipated that up to 20 percent of attendees will be from outside the United States, demonstrating the popularity of American craft beers.”

“For years Kentucky has been synonymous with bourbon, and rightly so,” Dr. Pearse Lyons, founder and president of Alltech, said in the release. “However, there is a craft beer revolution going on right here in Kentucky and what better way to highlight that than by showcasing some of Kentucky’s finest local beers side by side with some of our country’s finest?”

The festival will be held in the Lexington Convention Center, noon-8 p.m. Each ticket includes 15 3-ounce pours.

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