Five Perfect Beers for Father’s Day

dad-beerBeer really is a dad kind of drink, you know? Dad mows the lawn, he gets a beer as his reward. Dad fixes the sink, another beer. Big hairy spider killed with his boot, ninja-style? Beer.

So why wouldn’t Father’s Day be the perfect occasion to buy your dad a cold one? Or a sixer of something he’s never had before? I’m thinking something appropriately dad-like – something with some body. Something with muscle, and a bit of soul.

So, in honor of dads everywhere,  here is a list of beers that we believe the dad in your life would appreciate more than a Home Depot gift card this Sunday – and certainly more than that crummy tie you bought him last year (Mallards? Really?):

5. Omission Brewing Company Pale Ale (Silver, 2014 NY International Beer Competiton): This is one of those over-the-middle-of-the-plate ales, with plenty of hop flavor but not over-the-top bitter. Hey, at only 33 IBU and 5.8 percent ABV, dear old Dad can have a couple of these to wash down his ham and cheese on rye after successfully outwrestling the water heater and single-handedly saving the family from days of cold showers. Made with a blend of Cascade and Citra hops, it’s spot on for a summer Sunday afternoon. Seriously, break out the vintage lawn chairs and lawn darts – it’s time to celebrate dad’s big day.

4. Murphy’s Irish Stout (Ireland Brewery of the Year, 2014 NYIBC): Dads change the oil in the family car. Dads like steak. Think about it: Murphy’s Irish Stout (or any good stout, really) kind of looks like motor oil, and it also goes pretty well with a nice thick steak that has the circumference of a garbage can lid and is bleeding like a slain boar. Especially on Father’s Day. Treat your dad to a big, juicy steak along with this time-honored classic that is creamy, full-flavored and more than manageable at a measly 4.0 percent ABV. Your pops will appreciate this one.

3. Victory HopDevil: It’s floral on the nose and a deep burnt-orange-meets-red color, which may not exude dad-esque manhood, but make no mistake – this little devil will bite back. When dad defeats the flat tire in two minutes flat, then grills the best ribs and brats modern civilized society has ever known, give him a challenge with this hoppy, delicious beer. This one is made with whole American hops, like any self-respecting dad would expect, and it brings a slightly sweet malt balance to help take the edge off. At 6.8 percent ABV, however, don’t be surprised if he challenges you to arm wrestle after a couple of these. On the bright side, you know you’ll have a better chance to win if he’s tipsy. Don’t pull a muscle.

2. Franziskaner Weissbier: This one probably seems out of place on this list, but bear with me. I mentioned before about dads cutting the lawn, right? Well, let’s face it, dads do more than just mow –they dominate the lawn. And then they sit on the porch and gaze out across its lush green-ness with well-earned pride as beadlets of musky, victory perspiration drip down their foreheads – not unlike the beads of condensation on the glass containing this drinkable, spritzy, bready, 5 percent ABV wheat beer. Truly, it takes the post-mowing, backyard beer celebration to new heights.

1. Miller High Life: Yeah, this beer is not highbrow but, then, neither are most dads. This is what my dad drank when I was growing up, and he turned out just fine. In fact, I find that even the snobbiest of beer snobs I know will give High Life a pass – at least it doesn’t say “Lite” on the label anywhere. Truly, if you’ve not had one in a while, you may be surprised at the flavor – it is fizzy and drinkable, preferably served ice cold with a side of harumph, but it isn’t vapid like so many light beers. You can actually taste the grains in this. Plus, it’s cheap. And the girl in the logo is awkwardly attractive, even though she’s only line art. And when you plop the 12-pack down on the picnic table in front of your Dad, you’re going to get the paternal nod of approval. Kids, that’s priceless.

And it still beats that awful tie. (Mallards? Really?)

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