Flat 12 Jeffersonville Update: Few Details, But Progress Nevertheless

flat12BierwerksIndianapolis-based Flat 12 Biewerks released a very brief update on the progress of its forthcoming Jeffersonville brewery and tap room. In fact, it was just a couple sentences in an e-mail.

There was also a link to an update page, which includes this quick statement:

“Plans sent to the state have been approved. The myriad utility requirements, interior drawings and other details have been identified and finalized. That’s the behind-the-scenes stuff. You should begin to see the visible changes beginning to take place that will transform the building into a taproom and brewery. We thank everyone who has expressed interest in the project and as the build-out progresses this summer, we’ll post pictures.”

So who will be serving locally-brewed beer in Jeffersonville first? Flat 12 or Red Yeti, which is open but not yet able to brew?

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