People’s Brewing and NABC to team up

nabc-peoplesHere it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:

People’s Brewing Company of Lafayette and New Albanian Brewing Company in New Albany are pleased to announce a revolutionary Hoosier brewing collaboration, an exercise calculated in accordance with the interests of the vast majority of Indiana’s craft beer drinkers.

The People’s Republic of New Albania.

These two artisanal breweries at opposite ends of the state are longtime friends, and comprise a mutual admiration society. They’ve always shared a fraternal interest in craft beer for the people. It seems entirely fitting that they combine their brewing expertise and sloganeering into one unified vision, according to the beer style known as Zwickelbier, which gets its name from the sampling valve on a lagering tank.

On July 16, NABC’s brewers will venture northward to brew People’s Republic of New Albania with People’s Brewing Company in Lafayette. The collaboration beer will debut during Lafayette Craft Beer Week (beginning August 17) and also be prominently featured at the Beers Across the Wabash festival in Lafayette on August 23.

In addition, People’s Republic of New Albania kegs will be tapped at NABC’s two locations in late August, and will be available in very limited quantity statewide through Cavalier Distributing.

If you feel so inclined, you can get the rest of the details over at NABC’s website.

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