West Sixth Brewing to release limited edition County Series beer

West Sixth COuntryDirect from West Sixth Brewing:

First beer, called “Washington County” will be available next week

Lexington, KY – October 7th, 2014
West Sixth Brewing announced today the creation of a new series of limited edition beers called the “West Sixth County Series”.
“We’re excited to announce a new project here at West Sixth — the West Sixth County Series! For the first time ever, we’re going to release a series of small-release bottle conditioned beers celebrating the unique qualities and character of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”  said founder Ben Self

West Sixth plans to release around 3 different beers each year, in extremely limited quantities, each named after a different Kentucky county.

West Sixth Brewing head brewer and co-founder Robin Sither said “The first beer of our series is American Wild Sour Ale we’re calling Washington County. Nearly a year in the making, the base beer for this ale is a blend of berliner weisse and saison, with secondary fermentation provided by our friend Brettanomyces lambicus in a used red wine barrel.  Tart, crisp, and funky, it weighs in around 7% ABV with high effervescence created during the bottle conditioning.” 

Founder Brady Barlow said, “Being the first in our series we’ve named this wild ale after Washington County, the first county created in Kentucky after our fair Commonwealth was founded.   There are only 225 750ml bottles available, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.” 

The limited edition bottles feature labels designed in partnership with Cricket Press.  Each bottle was hand-bottled and hand-labeled and is individually numbered.  The label features a cut of the state on the back.

These beers will go on sale next Monday, October 13th, at 5pm. Bottles will be $20 and will be limited to one bottle per person since supplies are so limited.

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