West Sixth Brewing and Country Boy Brewing to bottle third annual collaboration for Lexington Craft Beer Week

Country Western Vol 3West Sixth and Country Boy are brewing up another Country Western. Here’s the skinny, via a press release:

Lexington, KY – April 20th, 2015

West Sixth Brewing and Country Boy Brewing announced today that their yearly collaboration, Country Western, will be released in conjunction with Lexington Craft Beer Week the week of May 11 th.

This beer, inspired by a famous Kentucky pie, will be the biggest beer ever bottled by either brewery. This beer, which will run around 13% ABV, is an imperial red that has been aging in bourbon barrels for months along with Cocoa nibs and toasted pecans.

“We’ve been working on this beer for months, and we’re really excited about the result” said Country Boy Head Brewer Evan Coppage.  “This beer really showcases what great beer is being made in Lexington.”

“The combination of roasted pecans and chocolate really works well with the natural sweetness and vanilla that is imparted from the bourbon barrels,” said West Sixth brewer Robin Sither.

The beer will be available in limited release bottles at both breweries and a few retailers throughout the state beginning on May 8 th at 3pm.

It will also be available on draft at both breweries and several Lexington Craft Beer Week events beginning on May 11 th.

The label was designed by Brian Turner of Cricket Press. Brian said it was: “Inspired by that vintage western shirt you found at the garage sale. You know, the one that fits just right, and seems to go with everything and every occasion. It may not last forever, but you’re going to enjoy it and tell all your friends about it while it’s still around.”

The beer will be available throughout West Sixth’s distribution area in kegs and cans beginning in March.

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