Against the Grain conspires to present Swayze Dayze Sept. 18

louisville beer - against the grain logoOne thing about Sam Cruz over at Against the Grain, he sure knows how to write a fun press release. This one is about a new collaborative event that, yes, will involve beer. Lots and lots of beer. Here it is in Sam’s own tongue:

To you the lovely, esteemed, and pleasant smelling members of the press, we have an exciting, dare I say titillating, announcement.  Against The Grain and eight other American breweries have conspired to produce an event of monumental proportions.  On September 18th, 2015, we will celebrate the first annual national celebration of Swayze Dayze. Swayze Dayze is our response to the international event Zwanze Day.  Zwanze, is the cult beer-ophiles dream event, where Belgian brewery Can’tillion releases a once a year,  lambic-esque styled beer (which is probably infected with horse blankets or sumptin) to be consumed at select bars throughout the world.  Having been “fortunate” enough to sample these beers and attend an event, we feel it necessary to, in American fashion, do it better, faster, and harder and longer and with hungry eyes.  So an event the day before, paying tribute to America’s greatest hero, Patrick Swayze, makes perfect sense.  On second thought, it makes no sense other than Swayze sounds kinda like Zwanze, but I digress.  It is our mission to literally roundhouse kickstart the excitement of a beer nerds event a day early and potentially rip their throat out with a beer that is actually brewed a short distance from them. This event will take place at an as of yet undetermined number of at least average or better craft beer centric bars east of the Mississippi River. The event will feature a very special beer titled Dalton’s Kriek that the participating breweries conspired to produce.  You’ll have the time of your life…and you’ll owe it all to uhhh-ussss! The following breweries have created a very limited amount of their local iteration of Dalton’s Kriek:

  • 1 Against The Grain Brewery (Louisvlle, KY)
  • 2 18th Street Brewery (Gary, IN)
  • 3 Carton Brewery (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)
  • 4 4 Hands Brewery (St. Louis, MO)
  • 5 Central State Brewery (Indianapolis, IN)
  • 6 Marz Brewery (Chicago, IL)
  • 7 Edmunds Oast (Charleston, SC)
  • 8 Trophy Brewing (Raleigh, NC)
  • ●9 Ethereal Brewing (Lexington, KY)

Each brewery has committed to producing a limited amount of its own Dalton’s Kriek and will send small amounts out to select bars of their choosing to feature the beer, along with Swayzecentric celebrations (pottery, martial arts, dancing, bow-hunting, working on cars and general awesomeness), all of which to occur on Sept 18th. in your area.

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