Germantown Craft House will up the ante when it opens in summer 2016

Germantown Craft House rendering

Rendering by Architectural Artisans.

When I first spoke with Pat Hagan about his plans for the Craft House on Frankfort Avenue, he and fellow owner Brad Culver mused that they would like to see the name develop organically into “Crescent Hill Craft House,” as they likely would open other locations down the road.

It did, and in summer of 2016, they are.

But whereas the original Craft House was set in a space marked with memory and featuring beautiful exposed brick with arches, the forthcoming Germantown Craft House will be located at 1030 Goss Ave. in a building that heretofore has housed offices.

In other words, it’s not already a comfortable space for a bar and restaurant, which was the case when neighborhood favorite Dark Star began its transformation.

“We’re going to have to bring the comfort into it,” Craft House co-owner Bo Kerley says. “The building itself lends itself to a different look.”

Which is to say the ownership group isn’t going to replicate what it did in Crescent Hill, but rather will create a sibling that bears a resemblance but isn’t a twin. As such, the 4,500-square-foot building, which the owners are buying from Underhill Associates, will be completely re-imagined and re-designed, with help from Architectural Artisans.

The Germantown Craft House will feature a 1,000-square-foot outdoor deck facing Goss, along with an A-frame glass facade that will, indeed, make it different than its sister establishment. Inside, Kerley says, wood salvaged from the forthcoming Underhill-owned Germantown Mill Lofts will help bring about that feeling of comfort from floor to ceiling.

Kerley and Hagan declined to reveal their investment, but a complete overhaul, they admit, isn’t cheap. Still, located just across from The Post and Four Pegs, the Germantown Craft House will give Louisvillians yet one more reason to venture into that area of town (as if they need more), giving the owners confidence that it will not just succeed but become a staple of the neighborhood.

The new Craft House likely will feature 50 taps instead of 40, pouring all local and regional beer, along with signature craft cocktails, a brunch menu and iced coffee drinks.

Pat Hagan

Pat Hagan

“It’s still going to be food-oriented,” Hagan said, “but it will probably be more of a bar” than the Crescent Hill version.

Asked if the menu will be the same, Hagan said, “Yes and no. We’re going to do it a little bit to the area.”

And by that, he means that sausages made on-site will be available, along with liverwurst and other traditional German favorites. Kerley confirms that the more popular dishes on the Crescent Hill menu will make their way to the Germantown version, and the food will still be sourced locally as much as possible.

Permits and planning are under way, but few details are set in stone. After the new Craft House opens, Hagan and his crew will set their sights on a new Blugrass Brewing Company location on Fourth Street, which is planned for fall of 2017.

This post was originally published by Insider Louisville.

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