502 Beer Bitches Unite

502 beer bitchesListen up, bitches: There’s apparently a new group of bitches in town, and they are all about good beer.

The 502 Beer Bitches’ first meet-up is Monday, March 10, at 6:30 p.m., over at BBC’s Taproom on East Main. Not a bad place to start.

The small group’s Facebook page describes the group only with spare copy: “Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I know it’s a heavy beer. Yes, I want it.”

The page also reveals the group is taking a cue from a similar Lexington group, saying, “Taking a cue from Snobby Beer Bitches, there was the realization that the women of Louisville needed something as well. So, here it is… it’s not much but it’s a start.”

Page admins are Tracy Saelen and Megan Marie Brown, so if you’re a bitch who likes good beer, they’re the ones to seek out.

Welcome to the local beer scene, ladies. By the way, love the name.