Start Your Homebrew Operation with

beer - crowd brewed logoWant to make awesome craft beer for yourself, your friends, your family … or the world?

Of course you do. The problem is, brewing equipment can be expensive, and that doesn’t take into account the ingredients you’ll need. My Old Kentucky Homebrew estimates it’s up to $200 to get started with just a minimal home brewing setup.

Well, now beer has its answer to — it’s Our pals over at WeeklyPint reports that if you’ve a grand idea for a homebrew, and your friends and family are on board, you can do what bands often do when they want to finance an album: Ask for help.

Hey, if  you think you can make a saisson that will change the world, and 20 of  your best beer-geek friends are behind you, it will be worth it to promise those folks the first pints, right?