Country Boy and West Sixth Collaborate Again on Country Western Vol. 2

countrywestern_4pack_1bf105aCountry Boy Brewing and West Sixth Brewing will get together again to collaborate on a beer for Lexington Craft Beer Week. This time, it will be available in cans. It is aging in bourbon barrels even as you read this, so get your taste buds ready.

Here’s the press release:

Country Boy Brewing and West Sixth Brewing, two Lexington-based craft breweries, will be collaborating to create the official beer for Lexington Craft Beer Week.  This beer, which will be available in cans and on draft during craft beer week will be the first ever collaboration ale that has been packaged and canned by two Kentucky breweries.
The beer, called “Country Western Volume 2,” is a bourbon-barrel aged brown ale that was made with Kentucky sorghum.
“We’re super excited to announce today the second annual collaboration between West Sixth and Country Boy”, said West Sixth founder Ben Self. 
Country Boy founder Daniel Harrison said: “Last year, Country Western was a huge hit for Lexington Craft Beer week, and sold out in just a few days.  This year, we’re going to make it even bigger by having it not only on draft but also available in a can.”

“We love collaborating with our friends at Country Boy,” said West Sixth founder Brady Barlow.  “We’re all working together to try and introduce more people to craft beer, so it just seems natural to brew a beer together.”

Country Boy founder Jeff Beagle said: “This is a true collaboration in every sense of the word.   Not only are we close friends, only 1.7 miles apart, the recipe was formulated together and even canned together!  Also pretty sure we will share a beer together!” 
Country Western Volume 2 was brewed a couple months ago and has been aging in bourbon barrels since that time.  It will be canned next week and available on draft at both breweries on May 9th at noon, and then in cans at both breweries on May 15th at 5pm.
The beer is packed with Kentucky spirit and flavor. Roasted and malty notes from this brown ale pair seamlessly with the teasing bourbon aroma, and subtle oak notes. The sticky sweetness comes through from the Townsend Sorghum. Aged in bourbon barrels for 2 months, this collaboration beer is a little country, a little western, and a whole lotta fun.

Falls City Hipster Repellant Debuts at Liquor Barn

louisville beer - liquor barnI cruised by Liquor Barn out at Springhurst yesterday after work to (again) try Falls City Beer‘s Hipster Repellant IPA and to snag one of those cool Falls City mason jars. I hadn’t been to Liquor Barn in a while, however, and had forgotten just how much great beer they have on tap.

Of course, if you know what you’re doing and you have 40 lines at your disposal, you’ve got a pretty good head start.

I started off with a pint of the Hipster Repellant ($4, keeps the pint, a special deal yesterday evening), and perused the draft list as I enjoyed it and chatted with some of the staff and others on hand to get their beer on.

A great feature of the tap/tasting bar is that you can get two-ounce pours for 75 cents and six-ounce pours for $1.75 before deciding on a growler to take home. I didn’t get a growler this time around, but I did taste a couple of extra brews while I was there.

One was a beer I’ve been curious about for a while but had not gotten around to trying: Country Boy Brewing Jalapeno Porter. All I can say is that if you haven’t had this stuff, you need to. Like, today. It has such an intriguing depth to it — it possess all the characteristics you’d expect from a good porter, and adds a light jalapeno flavor, and just the tiniest bit of a spice kick that lingers on the palate. Nicely done.

I also had a six-0unce pour of Green Flash Brewing Company Symposium IPA at the recommendation of one of the Liquor Barn employees. I’ve had Green Flash beers before, but I don’t recall ever having the Symposium IPA. According to the Green Flash website, this is the third go-around for the beer since 2008, and I can see why they keep bringing it back. It has a floral and citrusy nose, and the flavors explode once you take a drink.

The beer description at the site notes that Green Flash placed a “profound emphasis on hop extravagance” — that’s putting it lightly. Apparently, the brewers added hops at every step of the brewing process, and the result is a highly complex and unique flavor in a beer that is still light bodied and crisp. Highly recommended.

Yeah, I’ll be going back to Liquor Barn again soon. Hope to see you there.