Brewer Jeremy Hunt Moving on From BBC

louisville beer - bluegrass brewing company logoStumbled upon this today: Bluegrass Brewing Company brewmaster Jeremy Hunt is moving on — he will become head brewer at Deep Ellum Brewing Company in Dallas.

Hunt had been at BBC just shy of two years, previously brewed for Red Hook Brewery and was later the head brewer at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. He landed at BBC in 2011 following his stint at Dogfish Head.

“I’m open to suggestions from everybody,” Hunt told the Dallas Observer. “I like to riff back and forth. I come up with an idea, throw it out to someone else, they put their spin on it. In the end, we come up with something that is better than the sum of its parts.”

I never met Hunt, but I drank a lot of his beers. Best of luck to him. And let the search commence for BBC’s next head brewer.