Harvest and Goodwood team up for a beer brunch concept

Harvest Beer POSTERThe first time I ever did a pairing dinner was in Dallas many years ago; it was a wine dinner at the Green Door in Deep Ellum, and the courses came out so quickly that the co-workers I was with (I was at a Microsoft conference during the dot-bomb era) couldn’t finish their wines and kept pouring their portions into my glass.

The next day at the conference was interesting. But my point is that wine dinners, beer dinners, bourbon dinners — they’re fun and plentiful. Thanks to the proximity of NuLu, there’s a new spin on the concept coming on Saturday, March 19, in the form of a Harvest beer brunch paired with a brewery tour. It’s a beer-unch.

Here’s the deal: Three courses of locally sourced Harvest food are paired with Goodwood Brewing Co. beers, and diners will be led through each course by Goodwood president Phil Dearner, who will describe the beer.

What’s different about this event is that after attendees are finished eating, diners get a private tour of the brewery and barrel rooms with Dearner. As a bonus, each attendee will get a pint of Goodwood beer of his or her choice. Of course, the concept is somewhat unique to the fact that the restaurant and brewery are so closely situated — Harvest is located at 624 E. Market St., while Goodwood is at 636 E. Main St.

And what comes after most beer dinners is an after-dinner mint. Or a nap. Certainly, it’s not a brewery tour.

“This way, they get to cross the street and see the brewery and how the beer is made,” says Goodwood’s Denise Ingle.

The brunch begins with a duck confit and fuji apple crepe, paired with Goodwood’s Red Wine Saison. The second and main course is a “black and tan” corned beef benedict with a Louisville Lager hollandaise, which will be served with a Goodwood black and tan made with Louisville Lager — brewed with Kentucky-grown grains — and Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Stout.

The third course will be a cocoa nib and sea salt granola made with malted fromage blanc, a Belgian white cheese, and chocolate creameaux. That dish comes with Goodwood Walnut Brown Ale.

The decision to collaborate with Goodwood on the beer brunch was an easy one, says chef Patrick Roney, who joined Harvest last year after a stint as chef de cuisine at The Oakroom. Why did it interest him?

Patrick Roney

Patrick  Roney


“I love beer,” he says. “And they’re in the neighborhood, so we’re buddies. We’re one block down from them, and I love that kind of neighborhood feel and collaboration. It’s just a lot of fun. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Roney will explain each dish to diners while detailing why he thought each pairing would work. And while brunch for most means mimosas or bloody marys, he doesn’t find it odd to drink beer with breakfast.

“On a nice Saturday, I can see myself having a beer with brunch,” he says. “And it’s kind of right around St. Patrick’s Day, so some of that idea just fell right into place.”

Could this concept turn into a series? Roney says he hopes to keep working on such collaborations, especially if his NuLu neighbors are involved. Dearner concurs.

“We’ll have to see how this goes,” Dearner says. “Why not?”

“I think everybody in town is always looking for a fun little thing to come to on a weekend,” Roney adds. And with spring approaching, “Everybody’s looking to get back out. I’m hoping we can keep the ball rolling on this.”

There will be two brunch times from which to choose: 10:30 a.m. or 12:30 p.m., and tickets are $35. Call Harvest at 384-9090 for reservations.

This post was originally published by Insider Louisville.

Goodwood Brewing begins canning Louisville Lager

Goodwood Cans 8Goodwood Brewing created Louisville Lager, a beer made with Kentucky grains, to provide a crisp, drinkable beer that wouldn’t sacrifice quality. It’s a brew craft beer lovers can appreciate and “light” beer drinkers can enjoy as well.

To put that beer in a can seemed like a natural fit for the Goodwood team. On Tuesday morning, it happened for the first time, as Goodwood canned roughly 780 cases for distribution in Louisville and across Kentucky.

Rather than install an expensive canning operation, Goodwood opted for an offsite canning company to come in, set up a mobile canning line on premises, can the beers, then dismantle the line and move on. The practice has become more and more common with the popularity growth in craft beer.

“It’s busy,” says Mo Oelker, founder of Toucan Mobile Canning. “Business is good. That’s why we got into this business, because of the craft beer explosion.”

Oelker actually is associated with Logan Aluminum, a company based in Russellville, Ky. While the golden yellow cans being filled with Louisville Lager this morning were manufactured in Guadelajara, Mexico, much of the aluminum was produced in Kentucky — appropriate, given the contents.

Goodwood cans1Can manufacturers in the United States are “maxed out,” Oelker says, forcing many operations like Goodwood to employ a company called Envases Universales to provide the can manufacturing. The empty cans are shipped to the brewery, which is when Toucan comes in. Oelker, whose company owns two mobile canning lines based in Nashville and Atlanta, says Toucan does several canning jobs per week across the Southeast.

This is the first canning job for Goodwood, but the brewery’s plan is to can roughly once a month going forward; that will increase if sales are good.

“We’ll continue to ramp it up and see where demand takes us,” says Goodwood CEO Ted Mitzlaff. “Let the market dictate.”

Goodwood president Phil Dearner says other Goodwood brews ultimately will be canned as well. Asked which ones, both Dearner and Mitzlaff fall silent and look at each other.

“I’ve always had an infatuation with a 16-ounce pub can of Bourbon Barrel Stout,” Dearner finally says, but adds that the popularity of the Walnut Brown may demand that one will come first.

Against the Grain Brewery became the first Louisville craft brewer to start canning its beers earlier this year when it included a canning line in an expansion in Portland. Currently, it cans staples like Citra Ass Down, the Brown Note and Sho’ Nuff Golden Ale in 16-ounce cans that are sold in four-packs across the country. Louisville Lager will be sold in 12-ounce cans as six-packs for a retail price between $9.49 and $10.99, depending on the retail outlet. Cans are expected to hit stores later this week.

Goodwood Cans 5The Toucan mobile canning unit actually was set up Monday evening, after which is was sterilized. Before canning, it was again cleaned, rinsed and sterilized.

“We came in this morning at 7 a.m.,” Oelker says, “and we were putting beer in cans by 8:15.”

The machine feeds empty cans straight from palates into a “twist rinse,” which turns the cans upside down for rinsing, and then sends them through the line to an automatic fill machine. The filled cans are then sealed, after which they are returned to their cases and plastic six-pack holders are applied by hand. The machine was running about 36 cans per minute this morning, or about 100 cases an hour.

The Goodwood team was hard at work and quite excited for this next step in the brewery’s growth, envisioning people enjoying canned Louisville Lager on golf courses and boat outings.

“A crushable yellow lager in an aluminum can?” Dearner says, and shrugs. “Seems like a perfect fit to me.”

This post was originally published by Insider Louisville.

Mayor Greg Fischer to brew a batch at Goodwood Brewing

This just in from the Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA):

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer.

Please join us for a special brewing session with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer! In collaboration with Goodwood Brewing and Heaven Hill Brands, Mayor Fischer will help create a special beer for the Louisville Brewfest. It will be an Irish Stout style beer (name to be revealed) that will be aged with an Evan Williams barrel and served one time only at the Brewfest on September 25. We have invited members of the press to learn about the beer, the Louisville Brewfest (presented by BoomBozz Pizza & Taphouse) and the continued expansion of Louisville’s independent craft beer scene.

When: Friday, August 28, 2015, 9:30am-10:30am

(press conference begins at 10am)

Where: Goodwood Brewing Company, 636 E. Main St.

We hope you will also join us to help mark the special occasion.
Please RSVP to jennifer@keeplouisvilleweird.com.

A brief summary of the Louisville Brewfest:   The Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA) will host the 7th Annual Louisville Brewfest on Friday, September 25th from 4:00pm to 10:00pm at the Louisville Slugger Field, 401 East Main Street. The event is presented by BoomBozz Pizza & Taphouse, and will feature independent local and regional beer, wine and bourbon, as well as food vendors and a silent auction. Admission is $5 which includes a souvenir cup. Attendees must be 21 or older to enjoy the beer, wine and bourbon. (Designated drivers get free admission.) VIP tickets are $45 and include access to exclusive beers, special gifts made by local artisans, and larger pours in a commemorative festival glass. For more information, visit www.keeplouisvilleweird.com.

Brewer David Pierce leaves NABC to return to BBC

David Pierce. Photo by Rick Evans.

David Pierce. Photo by Rick Evans.

Sometimes you can go home again.

David Pierce, Louisville’s senior commercial brewer, confirmed he has returned to Bluegrass Brewing Company, the brewery where he worked from 1993-2009, after six-plus years at New Albanian Brewing Company in Southern Indiana.

During those six years, Pierce worked with New Albanian co-owner Roger Baylor, another mainstay in the Louisville beer scene; recently, Baylor announced he was selling his stake in the Indiana brewery.

Meanwhile, Pierce started back to work at BBC this week, but he will continue to help New Albanian owners Kate Lewison and Amy Baylor during the transition as they continue to learn about brewing and distribution. He said his reason for returning to the brewery where he helped to make Louisville a brewing city again has less to do with Roger Baylor leaving and more to do with timing and simply wanting to come back home.

“I live 2 miles that way,” said the Clifton resident, pointing down Shelbyville Road toward Frankfort Avenue.

He said when the group that owned the BBC production brewery re-branded that brewery to become Goodwood Brewing Company, he began talking to BBC owner Pat Hagan about possible collaborations as a way to help boost interest in BBC. Since the re-branding took place, Hagan and Chef Sean Haggerty have launched a line of retail food products.

Pierce said he and Hagan discussed bringing back some of the original beer recipes Pierce had brewed at BBC in the 1990s when the brewery was still young as a way to re-ignite interest. That led to them talking about a reunion, and he agreed to make the change.

BBC St Matt“It’s a homecoming kind of thing,” he said.

Pierce had worked as the original brewer at the short-lived Silo Brewpub before teaming up with Hagan to open BBC in 1993. He helped brand the business and worked there as head brewer until 2009, when he joined New Albanian. During his time at BBC, he brewed staples such as the Dark Star Porter, Altbier, American Pale Ale, Nut Brown Ale and others, and variations of many of his beers remain on the menu today.

In a prepared statement, Hagan said, “I am very pleased to have David back. He put Bluegrass Brewing Company on the map back in ’93 and will help us move forward with our expansion plans.”

Roger Baylor noted that his opportunity to work with Pierce at New Albanian was somewhat of a bucket list fulfillment.

“Back in the ’90s, a few of us pioneers used to drink beer at BBC and NABC, and talk about working together some day,” Baylor wrote in a Facebook post. “For a while, a few of us did, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Meanwhile, Josh Hill will take over brewing duties at New Albanian, where he previously worked; Hill left NABC to take a job with the yet-to-open Floyd County Brewing Company, and then returned after that venture didn’t pan out.

The future of New Albanian brewing, at this point, will depend on what Lewison and Amy Baylor decide to do in terms of how much they want to focus on brewing versus the restaurant businesses. They previously had said the plan is to keep both the Bank Street Brewhouse brewing operation and the brewhouse at the New Albanian pizzeria.

The New Albanian owners released this statement: “[We] wish David all of the happiness at his BBC St. Matthews home brewery. He has taught all of us so much about this craft of making beer. We are equally as excited about our future, as Josh Hill and Ben Minton get to spread their New Albanian wings.”

This post was originally published by Insider Louisville.

BoomBozz Launches Signature Craft Beer Line

louisville beer - boombozz taphouseThis isn’t a new concept, obviously, but for a local pizza chain that serves up some of the city’s finest pizza and also keeps an impressive list of craft beers, it makes total sense. And hey, that means more beer for us. Here’s the press release direct from Tony Palombino:

LOUISVILLE, KY (July, 2015) – BoomBozz is celebrating the opening of its seventh taphouse restaurant in St. Matthews by launching its own line of signature craft beers. The first brew is called 16.5 Hefeweizen. It’s an American wheat beer inspired by Founder and CEO Tony Palombino’s favorite beers, and locally brewed by Falls City. 16.5 refers to the number of years that the BoomBozz chain has been serving great food and brew in Louisville.

“I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying beer from all over the world and now I can bring the best of those tastes to BoomBozz customers,” noted Tony. “For sixteen years we have consistently worked to bring the very best food and beverage experience to our customers and this is the next big step. Wheat beer is growing in popularity and with 16.5 Hefeweizen we have a fantastic locally brewed wheat beer.   Cutting edge beer, it’s what we do at BoomBozz.”

BoomBozz will be partnering with other local brewers to create a variety of Seasonal Collaborations.  Local brewer [Goodwood] has already begun creating a special barrel age beer for BoomBozz.  The barrel was chosen by BoomBozz customers and Knob Creek employees. Look for other tasty collaborations in the future with Country Boy, Rhinegeist, Schlafly and other talented local brewers.

Through 19, 16.5 Hefeweizen will be available for just $3.99 a pint at participating BoomBozz locations.