BBC 20th Anniversary Ushers in Heine Brothers Coffee Stout

louisville beer - BBCIt’s just as tasty as you remember, that Heine Brothers Coffee Stout from Bluegrass Brewing Co. BBC unveiled it, along with a handful of other new beers, yesterday as part of its 20th anniversary celebration and third annual Dogtoberfest event at the St. Matthews location.

My buddy Nick and I stopped in for dinner and to take advantage of some throwback pricing, meaning $2.50 pints between 6 and 7 p.m. And the first brew we ordered was the aforementioned coffee stout brewed with Heine Brothers coffee. As expected, it is thick, rich and wonderful, with a big coffee nose and a nutty flavor. In short, it’s an enduring classic. We didn’t get around to trying the Stout Toby Bourbon Barrel Stout, but we can only guess that one is just as delicious and with a potentially more complex character.

We also tried a pint each of Rye IPA, a medium-bodied ale with a big rye flavor and plenty of hop bitterness. In fact, the rye bite might have even outdistanced that of the hops. This is great stuff, and went well with the chili I enjoyed for dinner.

BBC has a couple of other seasonals on tap right now at the St. Matthews pub, including Cream Ale and Rough Service IPA. Maybe next time …