Infographic: 24 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

louisville beer - infographicHere’s a link to a fun infographic by way of Actually, you probably do know a lot of this stuff, but it’s still a fun read.

Among other things, this infographic informs us that cenosillicaphobia is the term for fear of an empty beer glass; beer apparently prevents kidney stones (at the expense of liver damage, but hey); and the first drunken driving incident occurred around 2000 B.C. The punishment, after a drunken charioteer, ran down a vestal virgin of the goddess Hathor? Crucifiction, of course. Which is actually a bit more lenient than today’s U.S. drunken driving laws.

But you won’t believe where they crucified the inebriated chariot driver … just click the graphic to check it out.

Infographic: Beer Myths Debunked

myths debunked infographic - louisville beerCame across this infographic by way of The Beer Gypsy, who came across it by way of The Weekly Pint … who came across it by way of Karl Strauss Brewing Company.

I had never seen it before, so I figured I would share in case some readers haven’t either. Hey, it’s Wednesday afternoon – you must be looking for something to do, right?

Anyway, the information within is stuff most people who would read this already know, but it’s something you might be able to share with a friend who still believes Corona is a premium beer. Shame there isn’t a mention of putting limes in your beer. Maybe in the sequel.

Anyway, I was looking for something to do this afternoon too, so here you go. (By the way, click on it and then click the magnifying glass to read. WordPress makes it so darn easy.)

Also: Changes coming to the Louisville Beer Blog soon. Stay tuned.