Evil Twin Ryan and the Beaster Bunny = Yum

Stopped in the Irish Rover last night looking for something different to try, and got my first taste of Evil Twin Ryan and the Beaster Bunny. It’s not a beer I’m going to obsess over or anything (besides, it’s apparently a limited edition), but it was a darn good pint – if you’ve had it, you know what I mean.

I do like the hops, and this one delivers nicely. It’s got an assertive hop character without being one of those beers that grabs you by the neck and says, “I’ve got LOTS of hops. Wanna see?” In other words, it’s a solid, no-frills, quality farmhouse ale.

Anyway, the bitterness lingers at the back of the mouth with the nose and front end having a bit of a citrusy quality, only mildly fruity without going over the edge into sweetness. It pours a slightly hazy gold, and quite frankly looks pretty darn inviting in the glass. Of course, pretty much every beer looks inviting to me.

Oh yeah, and be careful – when bartender Jason handed me my pint, he called it a “heavy hitter,” meaning that it packs 7 percent ABV. Probably good that I only had one.

Anybody else out there had this one? I’d go back for another without hesitation. Looking forward to trying more Evil Twin brews in the future, too. Heck, you have to love a brewery that makes a pilsner called “Low Life” (has to be a play off Miller High Life, right?).

Not sure you’ll get me to try any of those “Hipster” beers they make, though. I don’t have any desire to know what a hipster tastes like.

Note: Apparently Jason said “farmhouse” ale when I asked about it, and I thought he said “Falco ale.” It only said Evil Twin on the tap handle so far as I could see, so I thought I heard “Falco” (a name I’d heard of). Once again, good thing I only had one or I might not have found my way home. Idiot.

Welcome to the Louisville Beer Blog

louisville beer blog - pint

“Mmm. Wholesome, nutritious beer.”

It’s the Louisville Beer Blog, kids. I’m not a brewer; I’m a beer enthusiast who likes to write about it. I’m also the guy who drinks a pale ale he’s never tasted before and says, “I’m not exactly sure how they did that, but it was hoppy and delicious, and I think I want to drink one of these with my next batch of hot wings” … and then orders another one. (I love pale ales with spicy food. Sue me.)

Within this blog, I hope to bring you some humor, a bit of news, reviews of Louisville-area beers, a few interviews, and some guest bloggers as well. For the record, two of my long-time favorite beers in town are Bluegrass Brewing Company‘s APA and Irish Rover Red, which BBC actually brews for the Irish pub for which the beer is named. And have you tried New Albanian Brewing Company‘s Hoosier Daddy? I mean, Elector is probably my favorite from that kick-ass brewery, but I’ve met several folks who haven’t tried Hoosier Daddy. And they should.

Oh, and I recently had my first taste of the Watermelon Crack that Leah Dienes is whipping up over at Apocalypse Brew Works. Yowza.

Anyway, we all love beer, right? Louisville beer especially. Let’s have a little fun with it and see what happens. And we can keep it (mostly) local in the process, because there’s so much good beer to be had within just a few minutes’ drive. I shall look forward to it.

Also, if you have suggestions for Louisville Beer Blog, ideas, beer you want to promote, an itch you can’t quite reach, etc., pleeeeaaaase leave a comment or send me a direct message using this form rightcheer: