Blue Stallion Brewing Announces Expansion, Distribution

lexington beer - blue stallionBlue Stallion Brewing sent out word that it is adding a new cooler in its brewery, which will allow for local distribution sometime in February. At right is a pic Blue Stallion sent out with its press release, which is below.

If you haven’t been, you should go soon. I took a drive there when the brewery first opened and had a great afternoon hanging out enjoying their German-style beers.

Congrats, Blue Stallion!

And now the press release:

LEXINGTON, Kentucky, January 14, 2014 – Six months after opening the doors for business, Blue Stallion Brewing Co. is in the midst of their first brewery expansion. The project will add enough cooler storage capacity to begin distribution of beer to the surrounding region in February.

The expansion will add a 367 sq. ft. cooler in the brewery portion of the building. Currently, the only cooler servicing the brewery is the one behind the bar and at only 190 sq. ft. it’s barely large enough to handle the demand for kegs in the taproom.

“The size of our current cooler is the biggest bottleneck we face with beer production. We’ll no longer have to keep finished beer in the conditioning tanks simply because we don’t have room to store the kegs. This new cooler will triple our current cold room capacity” says co-owner Xavier Donnelly.
Completion of the new cooler is planned for the end of January. It will allow Blue Stallion to begin distributing beer to local restaurants and bars in early February.

Co-owner Kore Donnelly adds, “We’re ready to start distributing our beer in the market place and we’re excited the new cooler will make that happen. We started conversations with some local establishments and our distributor and the demand is there. Once it’s finished, we’ll be able to meet that demand.”

The owners plan to begin distribution with four of the brewery’s most popular beer styles: Hefeweizen, German Pilsner, Helles and Munich Dunkel. Distribution will start with roughly 7 barrels of beer (14 kegs) per week and grow from there. Seasonal and limited release beers, like Blue Stallion’s Smoked Lager, will also see distribution.

Establishments serving Blue Stallion beer will be listed on the company’s website.

West Sixth Logo Dispute to go Into Mediation

west sixth brewing companyAccording to a Facebook post from West Sixth Brewing, they’re making some progress in the West Sixth/Magic Hat #9 logo controversy. The post states that Cerveceria Costa Rica/North American Breweries has agreed to go into a mediation session with a magistrate judge.

This is expected to happen “within the next week or so,” according to West Sixth.

“We have no idea whether or not they’re willing to start at a reasonable place, since they still won’t tell us any settlement terms they would accept,” the post states. “While this makes us extremely cautious, we’re hopeful that they’re going into it in good faith and that this is not just a stall tactic.”

As you no doubt are aware if you are reading this, the beer-loving public has come out in favor of West Sixth by a large margin. In addition, Magic Hat was dropped from this coming weekend’s Fest of Ale over the issue.

“At the same time, however,” the post continues, “they’ve amended their lawsuit to up the stakes by including additional charges of ‘defamation’ and ‘false advertising,’ accusing us of lying throughout our posts online.”

West Sixth claims the Magic Hat folks are also “contacting distributors and individuals throughout the country accusing us of lying. And now they’ve asked the court for an injunction for ‘immediate relief’ against our public communications because they realize they have a lot to lose from the public hearing the truth about their legal tactics.”

What the Magic Ass-Hat (thanks Roger Baylor, for that one!) folks seem to have forgotten is that the burden of proof in the case of defamation will be on them. (The charge of false “advertising” simply shows how freaking stupid they must be. Good grief.)

Anyway, the Louisville beer community – and anyone with a conscience – is still firmly planted on the side of the good guys in this one. We have faith West Sixth will emerge smelling like a rose. A very hoppy one.