Honorable Mention: More Blog Name Suggestions

name the blog - louisville beerOK, so the blog has been re-named, the cyber-bully has presumably called off his legal dogs, and now we can get on with writing about Louisville beer in relative peace. But what about the names that weren’t chosen? Well, there were quite a few. Here are some that received various levels of consideration:

Bluegrass Brewski (Nova Conover) – Nova chimed in early in the contest and had a couple of interesting ideas, led by this one. Beer Barrel was another good one, particularly if you think of this as a repository of beer-related musings.

Foam Home:  A Blog About Beer (Tim Roberts) – My old pal Tim had a decent idea with this one, although he rightly pointed out that Foam Home “could also be a blog about shaving.”

Brew Stew (Laura Meyer) – This one also got some consideration. It helps to know that Laura is a local cook/caterer, and clearly that experience reflects in the name. (Laura, I still miss my daily Big Daddy K sandwiches.)

Louisville Mug Shots (Amanda Long) – This name was a bit on the long side, but it’s a great suggestion. You have the locale, the “mug” reference, and the “shots” could be interpreted as the usually brief posts about beer. Nicely done, Amanda. She also had a few others worth mentioning: Not New Albany Beer Guy (I know Amanda from our days writing for the New Albany Tribune many moons ago); Sweaty Mugs; Lou-a-vALE; Bluegrass Gulp.

Derby City Brew Beat (Cynthia Bard Mayes) – This very good entry is from my well-meaning girlfriend, who originally suggested Louisville Beer Blog, which nearly got me sued. It’s OK, sweetie. I don’t blame you.

Louisville and Beer Together (Greg Thomas) – This is actually an inside joke that almost became the winner. The guy who runs the other site and demanded I change the name of my blog sent me a message threatening legal action, and told me I had to change the name, period. He then followed up with a message that said (paraphrased), “And it has to be a name without Louisville and Beer together.” Clearly, “Louisville and Beer Together” separates the two words in question with a conjunction and therefore would have technically been fair game. Kudos to my old friend Greg for being even more snarky than I am in the face of cyber-bullies. Greg also submitted two others that received consideration: Louisville’s Beer Goggles and The Ville’s First Draft. Good stuff from a guy who knows a thing or two about beer goggles.

Louisville Bleer Bog (Britany Baker) – More great snark, this time from the mind of my pal Britany. At first glance, I thought she had simply re-named the blog with the original name; she had to correct me and force me to read it again. Good stuff, Brit. Here are a few other entries from Brit that caught my eye: LouBrew; Brew-y-ville; Louisville Chugger (like!); Colonel Urinal (yeah, she admitted she’d been drinking when she sent that last one).

Fleur di Beer (Fred Minnick) – International whiskey and wine writer Fred Minnick took time out of his busy schedule to chime in with this fine entry, as well as three others: Kentucky Beer Blog; Up Your Hops; Hop N Suds (Fred knows I like hops). Fred has a new book about women’s role in whiskey history coming out soon. Check it out.

Derby City Beer-o-Sphere (Butch Bays) – A bit long-ish, but a good idea nonetheless. Butch is the guitar player in my band, The Uncommon Houseflies, and is also a great artist – in fact, he created the logo for this blog and does all the artwork for our band. He also co-hosts my Crescent Hill Radio show with me every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. (Sorry for the shameless plugs; it was more for him than for myself.)

The Beer Nut (Ben Schneider) – Also a great submission from my old pal Ben, of Digby fame. Ben actually named my LEO column, The Taste Bud, and this name would have made a fine pairing. It was nearly the winner. Thanks, Ben!

River City Suds (Jeff Butler) – This one sort of combines some of the other submissions, and it hit the mark I was looking for by mentioning the locale and making an allusion to beer as well. But ultimately using “502” won out. Thanks a bunch, Jeff. If I ever decide to re-name my dog, I’ll look you up.

One final thanks to everyone who submitted ideas, and congrats once again to the winner, Chapin Ott!

Name This Blog and Win Free Beer!

name the blog - louisville beerThat’s right, Louisville Beer Blog is going to change its name to … what? Well, I’ve got some ideas, and so do a few of my friends, but I’ve decided to have some fun with this. If you think you have a good blog name possibility related to the Louisville beer scene, I want to hear it. And if I choose your name, I’m going to buy you $25 worth of your favorite local beer as a thank-you.

So, get creative, be funny if you want, but let me have your suggestions ASAP. I plan to make the change by July 22.

Why am I changing the name? Well, it’s complicated, but another website took exception to my using the words “Louisville” and “beer” in my blog name and repeatedly demanded that I change it. There was even legal action threatened, followed by a snotty letter from some lawyers, even though I had my own lawyer do some research to assure me that, indeed, there was no legal leg on which to stand in those threats. (Now I know how West Sixth Brewing must have felt.)

But hey, this blog is supposed to be fun, so I’m just going to do my best to take the high road and ignore all the petty drama. Why let someone else’s negativity spoil the party?

To that end, however, please do not use the words “Louisville” and “beer” back to back in your entries! Yet, I want it to have a local/regional feel, so think Kentucky, Kentuckiana, Bluegrass, River City, etc. Similarly, if your name entry contains the word “Louisville”, look for an alternative word to “beer,” such as “brews” or “ale” or … well, is there another one?

Yeah, you see the task I have in front of me here, which is why I am asking for  your help, and offering beer (Louisville beer, in fact — wait, am I allowed to type that?) in return. To enter, simply type your suggestion into the form below or send me a private e-mail at kgramone(at)yahoo.com.

And always remember: Drink happy.