Take THAT, Magic Hat

the keg logo - louisville beerTodd Antz over at The Keg Liquors in Clarksville, Ind., has taken a stand – with the annual Fest of Ale and Wine just one week away, he has decided not to pour Magic Hat products at this year’s festival, in response to the brewery’s lawsuit threats against Lexington-based little guy West Sixth Brewing.

“Due to popular demand (i.e., my demand), we will no longer be pouring Magic Hat beers at this year’s Fest of Ale,” he wrote on the Keg’s Facebook page. “As one of the little guys in business myself, my heart is obviously with our friends at West Sixth, and we do not want to support Magic Hat and their parent company picking on a little guy like us.”

Three cheers.

While this isn’t going to stop corporate bullying by Magic Hat’s parent company, it will at the very least make a statement, one that should resonate with local breweries and wherever you find home-grown Louisville beer. Good for Todd, I say.

Meanwhile, I’ll be looking forward to sampling everything BUT Magic Hat beer next weekend. (I don’t much like their wussy beers anyway …)

What are your thoughts on Antz’s decision? Leave a comment …

Stand Up for West Sixth Brewing Company

I admit it: I have not even tried a West Sixth Brewing Company beer yet. I suck, and I promise to remedy this situation, but that’s not why I’m writing this. I am writing this post because West Sixth, out of Lexington (it’s local enough), is only about a year old, and they claim that already they’re being bullied by a corporate gooch.

Seems that Cerveceria Costa Rica, the company that owns former craft brewer Magic Hat, is threatening to sue West Sixth for stealing its logo. I call bullshit. Seriously, look at this:

This is Magic Hat’s logo:

magic hat #9 logo

And this is West Sixth’s logo:

west sixth brewing company

I’m sorry, but saying West Sixth copied Magic Hat’s logo is like walking your poodle up to someone who’s walking a bischon and saying, “Hey, you copied my dog!” Um, it’s a dog, and it’s kinda furry and little but, seriously dude, that’s where it ends. I have one word for Cerveceria Costa Rica: WEAK. (Note: I do not own a poodle. Thank you.)

You can read a recent development – Magic Hat responds to West Sixth’s pleas to call off the dogs – by way of LEO’s The Bar Belle. It ratchets up the drama, to say the least.

Anyway, if you’re on the side of the local brewer in this stand-off, you can sign a petition to tell the bully to get off West 6th’s back. Nobody likes a bully. Heck, deep down, I don’t think bullies really even like themselves.

Click here and support West 6th’s fight against the bully!

UPDATE: I had inadvertently posted the wrong Magic Hat logo originally. Thanks to John over at louisvillebeer.com for pointing that out and setting me straight!