Against the Grain Ionic Blonde Bridges a Beer Gap

louisville beer - against the grain logoI was at Against the Grain with friends over the weekend, chatting and watching the movie “Rocky Balboa” on the screen behind the bar (odd choice, but whatever), when I was gifted an unexpected smile.

I was sipping a New Albanian Hoosier Daddy (guest tap), and my buddy was drinking an Against the Grain Ionic Blonde, when a guy on the other side of me ordered a pint of the latter.

He said, “Yeah, I’ll take one of those craft beers,”  he said. “The one that’s real light.”

No, there wasn’t anything inherently humorous about him ordering a beer – it just struck me as interesting that he made it a point to call it “one of those craft beers.” You know, as if it was some foreign oddity, perhaps brought to earth by interstellar travelers.

Clearly, this is a guy who normally drinks Corporate Light from a vented can, but he seemed more than happy to join in the fun of enjoying a brew of better quality. When in Rome, and all that. To me, it seems illustrative of how far the craft beer movement has come – even those who default to Bud Light are at least aware of the craft brewing movement, and many of them are curious. I sure hope it keeps going in the same direction.

By the way, I also tried the Ionic Blonde (4.8 ABV, 14 IBU), and it’s a great summer Belgian-style ale: easy to drink, sessionable, and with a slightly dry finish. Highly recommended for sitting outside on the patio on a Sunday afternoon. And way better than a Corporate Light.

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