Rooster Brewing opening soon in Paris, Ky.

Rooster Brew 2

Looks Ralph Quillin over at Rooster Brewing in Paris, Ky., is ramping things up. He sent out an e-mail yesterday requesting likes on the Rooster Brewing Facebook page, which indicates he’ll be opening sometime this month.

Here’s the updated “about” copy:

“So why the move from the 700 blk to the 600 blk in Paris. While we own both buildings – the 609 Main Street Location fits our start-up needs and was not in our inventory when we originally envisioned the project.

Almost 1800 sq feet gives us the room we need to house the brewery, tasting/tap room and retail sales in one Main Street space. Add about 1200 sq feet of cellar space (enough for 3000 gallons of barrel aged beer) and two apartment / offices on the second floor AND we’ve got our immediate space needs met WHILE retaining the historic aspect of the historic Paris Downtown building (circa 1880’s) and the street scape.

The space has been completely renovate and it’s turned into an art project – not just a renovation. Custom design and hand crafted stools, benches and tables complement the hand made Ky Coffee Bean wood bar and antique wooden walk-in cooler in the tasting room. Plus the brewery is viable through French doors and the industrial element blends well with the renovated turn of the century mercantile space.

Look for us in March 2014.”

Based on photos, the space he’s building out looks fantastic. Wonder what kind of beer his brewing over there? Follow ’em on Twitter at @roosterbrew and give ’em a like on Facebook when you get a chance.

Rooster Brew Coming Spring 2014 to Paris, Ky.

lexington beer - rooster brewThis isn’t exactly “news” (as it isn’t exactly new), but we haven’t reported it yet, so here goes: the Kentucky/Lexington beer will grow again soon, as Rooster Brew expects to open in Paris, Ky., in spring of 2014.

Via tweet, “Rooster Brew will be a local tap room and nano brewery (2 BBL). We envision 10 taps with 6 of them our beer and the remaining regionally produced craft beer.”

There are a couple of pics of what presumably are the unfinished space on Twitter and on the Rooster Brew Facebook page.

According to a progress log on the Facebook page, Rooster was going to open in a different location, but it was changed due to some regulatory red tape and other factors.

A lot of Lexingtonians and beyond will be interested in visiting the space at 609 Main Street in Paris once Rooster Brew opens. Here’s wishing them good luck and good brewing.