Louisville Slugger Bats and Beer

louisville slugger - beer

Wait … is that even a Louisville Slugger?

Anyone heard about this Hops for Heroes project? It is designed to raise funds to assist military families, but the local kicker is that nine brewers from around the U.S. are using Louisville Slugger bats to ferment beers.

It’s a new one on me, but it sounds like some of the beers could be a hit (sorry!), like this Phoenix Ale Brewery Homefront IPA. The Phoenix New Times describes it thusly: “… Brewed with orange peel, hopped with Chinook and Cascade, then rested in fermenters atop unvarnished maple bats from Louisville Slugger. According to Phoenix Ale, there’s no difference between them and the ones you’d use to play in a baseball game.”

So do they also use pine tar? Because that got George Brett into a lot of trouble.

I guess what’s a bit surprising is that no one here in the Louisville area got involved. It’s an interesting concept, to be sure, and as a baseball fan I’d love to try one of these beers. Here are a couple random reviews of the Stone Brewing Co. version, if you’re interested.

Anyway, this project is in its third year, so it’s not exactly a rookie (gah!). Maybe one of our local brewers will take a swing at it (stop it!) just for fun. Which one will … (ahem) strike first?

OK, I’m done.