Stand Up for West Sixth Brewing Company

I admit it: I have not even tried a West Sixth Brewing Company beer yet. I suck, and I promise to remedy this situation, but that’s not why I’m writing this. I am writing this post because West Sixth, out of Lexington (it’s local enough), is only about a year old, and they claim that already they’re being bullied by a corporate gooch.

Seems that Cerveceria Costa Rica, the company that owns former craft brewer Magic Hat, is threatening to sue West Sixth for stealing its logo. I call bullshit. Seriously, look at this:

This is Magic Hat’s logo:

magic hat #9 logo

And this is West Sixth’s logo:

west sixth brewing company

I’m sorry, but saying West Sixth copied Magic Hat’s logo is like walking your poodle up to someone who’s walking a bischon and saying, “Hey, you copied my dog!” Um, it’s a dog, and it’s kinda furry and little but, seriously dude, that’s where it ends. I have one word for Cerveceria Costa Rica: WEAK. (Note: I do not own a poodle. Thank you.)

You can read a recent development – Magic Hat responds to West Sixth’s pleas to call off the dogs – by way of LEO’s The Bar Belle. It ratchets up the drama, to say the least.

Anyway, if you’re on the side of the local brewer in this stand-off, you can sign a petition to tell the bully to get off West 6th’s back. Nobody likes a bully. Heck, deep down, I don’t think bullies really even like themselves.

Click here and support West 6th’s fight against the bully!

UPDATE: I had inadvertently posted the wrong Magic Hat logo originally. Thanks to John over at for pointing that out and setting me straight!