West Sixth to release Half-Bite IPA in 12-packs

Check it out, a new IPA from West Sixth. Apparently, it’s a slightly lighter kid brother to the brewery’s flagship IPA, at only 3.5 percent ABV, which is roughly the same as ice water. Interesting. Here’s the press release, although as I post this, the link to more info doesn’t appear to be working:

W6 Half Bite IPA
West Sixth Brewing announced today their latest canned beer – the Half-Bite IPA.

“We’re excited to announce that Half-Bite IPA, our newest offering – will be available just in time for the Fourth of July celebrations” said West Sixth co-founder Ben Self.

“Designed to be the rowdy younger brother of the West Sixth IPA, the Half-Bite IPA uses the same varieties and quantity of hops as our regular IPA, but contains only half the alcohol – so it’s perfect for summer days and outdoor adventures when you want to have a few” said co-founder Brady Barlow.

“Reflecting on the nature of the beer, it only seemed appropriate the Half-Bite IPA will be canned and sold in 12-pack boxes” said co-founder Joe Kuosman. “We’re very excited to be the first brewery to do this in Kentucky.”

“Half-Bite IPA is aggressively hopped with Centennial, Citra, and Columbus hops. It’s got a great bite, earthy bitterness, and citrus notes, but clocks in at only 3.5% ABV” said co-founder and brewer Robin Sither.

As with all of the West Sixth Brewing cans, these cans and boxes were designed by local designers Brian and Sara Turner of Cricket Press.  “They really knocked it out of the park with Half-Bite, especially having both a can and box design” said West Sixth Creative Director Kelly Hieronymus. “I can’t wait to see this 12-pack in the wild.”

Half-Bite IPA will be available through West Sixth’s distribution partners in Kentucky (Clark Distributing, River City Distributing, and Stagnaro Distributing) beginning next week.

More info at:

West Sixth to Expand, Will Can Lemongrass Wheat

lexington beer west sixth

It’s just a mock-up, but it looks almost good enough to drink.

This one comes straight from the West Sixth Brewing website. Cool news from one of Lexington’s most successful breweries:

We’ve got some big news today that we can’t wait to share with you:  we’re embarking on a major brewery expansion, and launching a new beer (the Lemongrass American Wheat) in a can!

Over the past year, we’ve expanded a few times on our 15 barrel brewhouse by adding additional fermentation capacity. That’s allowed us to grow from our original 45 barrels of weekly production when we first opened up to 195 barrels of weekly production by the fall of 2013.

However, late last year, we realized that we just couldn’t keep expanding by adding tanks. We were brewing 13 times a week (up from our original 3), and didn’t want to expand into brewing overnight or on the weekends.

So, we’re excited to announce today that last week, our new 40 barrel brewhouse and 6 80 barrel fermenters arrived.

This brewhouse will allow us to continue to grow over the next few years, and also has a secondary benefit: it will allow us to begin canning a third beer.

This beer is one we’re really excited about: the Lemongrass American Wheat.

Robin, our head brewer and co-founder describes it this way: “This american wheat is brewed with Sorachi Ace hops and nearly 6 pounds of fresh lemongrass in each 15 barrel batch. The Sorachi Ace hop, which originated out of Japan, has a very unique flavor that we believe complements the lemongrass perfectly.  It’s a craft beer drinker’s wheat.”

This beer will be rolled out gradually into each market — it should be available on draft within a few weeks and in cans within the month.

All this is possible because of the continued support of all of our fans and trailblazers.  Thank you all for this — we never in a million years expected to be expanding in such a way so soon.

Thank you all, and cheers to an exciting 2014!

Wow, a 40 barrel system. That’s nearly three times what they started with. This should get interesting. Congrats to West Sixth!

West Sixth Christmas Ale in Cans Debuts Dec. 2

louisville beer - west sixthWest Sixth Brewing Company will release its West Sixth Christmas Ale on Dec. 2, and the canning begins tomorrow. Yep, Christmas Ale in cans. I do love West Sixth.

Anyway, here’s the announcement, which speaks for itself:

We’ve got some exciting news today, and we wanted you to be the first to know: We’re releasing our first ever seasonal beer in a can – the West Sixth Christmas Ale!

This beer is a dark spiced ale with the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Weighing it a 9% ABV, it has a nice backbone that will hold up to the chilliest of nights.  This is our slightly darker taste on a holiday beer, and will be perfect for evenings by the fire!

We’re canning the beer tomorrow, and will be releasing the beer at 3pm on December 2nd at the taproom (the Monday after Thanksgiving).  It will also be available in limited quantities at retailers throughout Kentucky.  We’re only going to make 500-600 total cases of this beer, so we expect it to sell out quickly!  It will also be available on draft in the taproom starting that day.

This is our first time ever doing a seasonal in cans — it’s also the first Christmas Ale canned and distributed in Kentucky.  Because of the challenges with doing small runs of cans, we’ve had to figure out a different sort of process to label the cans and can the beer.  It’s been a fun adventure and we can’t wait to share the results with you.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for more details.

-Ben, Brady, Joe and Robin
Your friends at West Sixth

West Sixth Logo Dispute to go Into Mediation

west sixth brewing companyAccording to a Facebook post from West Sixth Brewing, they’re making some progress in the West Sixth/Magic Hat #9 logo controversy. The post states that Cerveceria Costa Rica/North American Breweries has agreed to go into a mediation session with a magistrate judge.

This is expected to happen “within the next week or so,” according to West Sixth.

“We have no idea whether or not they’re willing to start at a reasonable place, since they still won’t tell us any settlement terms they would accept,” the post states. “While this makes us extremely cautious, we’re hopeful that they’re going into it in good faith and that this is not just a stall tactic.”

As you no doubt are aware if you are reading this, the beer-loving public has come out in favor of West Sixth by a large margin. In addition, Magic Hat was dropped from this coming weekend’s Fest of Ale over the issue.

“At the same time, however,” the post continues, “they’ve amended their lawsuit to up the stakes by including additional charges of ‘defamation’ and ‘false advertising,’ accusing us of lying throughout our posts online.”

West Sixth claims the Magic Hat folks are also “contacting distributors and individuals throughout the country accusing us of lying. And now they’ve asked the court for an injunction for ‘immediate relief’ against our public communications because they realize they have a lot to lose from the public hearing the truth about their legal tactics.”

What the Magic Ass-Hat (thanks Roger Baylor, for that one!) folks seem to have forgotten is that the burden of proof in the case of defamation will be on them. (The charge of false “advertising” simply shows how freaking stupid they must be. Good grief.)

Anyway, the Louisville beer community – and anyone with a conscience – is still firmly planted on the side of the good guys in this one. We have faith West Sixth will emerge smelling like a rose. A very hoppy one.

Stand Up for West Sixth Brewing Company

I admit it: I have not even tried a West Sixth Brewing Company beer yet. I suck, and I promise to remedy this situation, but that’s not why I’m writing this. I am writing this post because West Sixth, out of Lexington (it’s local enough), is only about a year old, and they claim that already they’re being bullied by a corporate gooch.

Seems that Cerveceria Costa Rica, the company that owns former craft brewer Magic Hat, is threatening to sue West Sixth for stealing its logo. I call bullshit. Seriously, look at this:

This is Magic Hat’s logo:

magic hat #9 logo

And this is West Sixth’s logo:

west sixth brewing company

I’m sorry, but saying West Sixth copied Magic Hat’s logo is like walking your poodle up to someone who’s walking a bischon and saying, “Hey, you copied my dog!” Um, it’s a dog, and it’s kinda furry and little but, seriously dude, that’s where it ends. I have one word for Cerveceria Costa Rica: WEAK. (Note: I do not own a poodle. Thank you.)

You can read a recent development – Magic Hat responds to West Sixth’s pleas to call off the dogs – by way of LEO’s The Bar Belle. It ratchets up the drama, to say the least.

Anyway, if you’re on the side of the local brewer in this stand-off, you can sign a petition to tell the bully to get off West 6th’s back. Nobody likes a bully. Heck, deep down, I don’t think bullies really even like themselves.

Click here and support West 6th’s fight against the bully!

UPDATE: I had inadvertently posted the wrong Magic Hat logo originally. Thanks to John over at louisvillebeer.com for pointing that out and setting me straight!