‘Beer Belly’ Takes on New Meaning

beer bellyYou’ve probably heard about the Texas man who was diagnosed with a rare condition called “auto-brewery syndrome.” Basically, he’s his own microbrewery, and I’m a little jealous.

One one hand, all this guy has to do is accidentally have too much yeast in his system, and he can basically get drunk at will without ever taking the first drink. It’s like some kind of super power; he’s Captain Inebriation. Bad day at the office? Eat some carbs, and your body will brew them up into beer and get you hammered.

Of course, the unfortunate part of his condition is that drinking the beer is the best part (depending on what you’re drinking). I bet the stuff in that guy’s stomach is pretty wretched — beer flavored with stomach bile and the large order of chili cheese fries he had for lunch? Yeah, that’s gotta be nasty.